Wed , 26 Jun 2019

Mission-2017 U17 FIFA World Cup-Five players shortlisted from overseas trials

NEW DELHI: Following the launch of the SAI – AIFF Overseas Scouting Project for the Indian U-17 World Cup Squad, Abhishek Yadav, Director of Scouting, AIFF, conducted trials for Indian Passport holders in Dubai on June 10-11, 2016. Yadav even scouted some boys who would be undergoing further trials under U-17 Head Coach Nicolai Adam. 

What is your assessment of Dubai trials?
I was very surprised with the talents on display at the Dubai trials in a good way. One could see that the boys knew how to play Football. There were 250 plus boys who participated in the trials over the length of the two days and the quality was impressive as well.
How many Players have been shortlisted?
We have shortlisted 5 Players – Augustas Nixon, Neelakantan Anand, Arjun Sunil, Rixon Lobo and Yuveer Kelkar.
What next for the shortlisted Players?
The shortlisted Players will be observed closely by the Indian U-17 National Team Head Coach Nicolai Adam in the Camp in Germany. The onus now lies on the Players to impress Nicolai. It is now Nicolai’s call whether the boys fit into the scheme of things for the U-17 World Cup squad.
What is your assessment of the shortlisted Players?
We did an in-depth analysis of them and all of that displayed good potential. We also found a left footer in the squad and that is something which we look forward too. Overall, though it seems the boys have what it takes to play Football at the next level it all depends on them on how hard they work to achieve it.
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