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AIFF to conduct Junior National Football Championship for Girls in Odisha from July 1

 NEW DELHI: The All India Football Federation will conduct a Junior National Football Championship for Girls in Cuttack, Odisha from July 01, 2016 to July 17, 2016.

22 States, segregated into 7 groups, will be participating in the Championship which kicks-off on July 01, 2016 with Odisha taking on Uttar Pradesh in the opening fixture of the Championship.
Group Winners and Group Runners-up from each group will progress into the Quarter-Finals of the Championship which will be further divided into two Groups, 1 and 2, with each Group consisting of four States.
The Winners and Runners-up of each Group from the Quarter Final stage will progress into the semi-finals of the Championship, which are slated to kick-off from July 15, 2016.
The Final of the Championship is slated to kick-off on July 17, 2016.
While Odisha have been paired up with Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in Group A, Delhi have been clubbed with Assam and Tamil Nadu in Group B.
Goa, Kerala and West Bengal constitute Group C, while Mizoram, Chandigarh and Pondicherry are placed in Group D.
Manipur and Maharashtra are placed in Group E with Chhattisgarh, while Bihar, Telangana and Himachal Pradesh make up Group F.
Group G consists of four states, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Harayana.
GROUP A: Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
GROUP B: Delhi, Assam, Tamil Nadu
GROUP C: Goa, Kerala, West Bengal
GROUP D: Mizoram, Chandigarh, Pondicherry
GROUP E: Manipur, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh
GROUP F: Bihar, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh
GROUP G: Jharkhand, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana